Sick or Exposed to COVID-19

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UPDATE: On August 11, 2022, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated the COVID-19 guidance for community, school, and early childhood education settings, and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) supports these updates. The Winnebago County Health Department is currently working to update its website and materials to reflect these changes.

Guidance for anyone with COVID-19 can be found in this letter from our health department and in the information below. If you have questions, please contact our Public Health Hotline at 920-232-3026.

There are many possible symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Click above for more information on what to do if you were exposed to COVID-19, are feeling sick, or were diagnosed with COVID-19.

NOTE: Please contact your place of employment or school for their current guidelines.

What is a close contact:

An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting two days before they have symptoms or two days before testing if they do not have symptoms. For this reason, "close contacts" include anyone in contact with a person with COVID-19 during the two days prior to symptoms or testing, until they meet the criteria to end isolation.

Close contact includes:

  • Living with or caring for a person with confirmed COVID-19, OR
  • Being within six feet of a person with confirmed COVID-19 for about 15 minutes (with or without a mask), OR
  • Someone with COVID-19 coughing on you, kissing you, sharing utensils with you or you had direct contact with their body secretions.
  • If you and/or the person with COVID-19 was wearing a face mask or covering during any of the above situations, you are still considered a close contact.
  • Read more about close contacts here.

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