Safe Streets Initiative

Other Members

Voting Members:
Jon Doemel, Winnebago County Executive
Bryan Keberlein, Judicial Court Commissioner
Scott Woldt, Judge, Circuit Court Branch II
John Matz, Sheriff
Todd Christie, Detective's Captain
Christian Gosset, District Attorney
Melissa Pingel, Clerk Of Circuit Court
Chief Dean Smith, Chief Of Oshkosh Police Department
Officer Chee Vang, Step Up Program
Chief Aaron L. Olson, Chief Of Neenah Police Department
Chief Timothy Styka, Chief Of Menasha Police Department
Tara Teesch, Attorney Manager
Linda Meier, Attorney
Dr. Bill Topel, Director Of Human Services
Renee Soroko, Deputy Director
Joan Koch, Probation And Parole Supervisor
Michael Schraa, State Assembly - 53rd Assembly District
Gordon Hintz, State Assembly - 54th Assembly District
Carol Morack, Safe Streets Coordinator
Professor Christopher Rose, University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Non-Voting Committee Members:
Eric Sparr, Deputy District Attorney
Douglas Gieryn, Director/Health Officer
Ashlee Rahmlow, Community Health And Prevention Supervisor
Heather Foust, Behavioral Health Division Manager
Program Reporters:
Jen Delfosse, Program Reporter - Drug Court
Tara Notzke, Program Reporter - SSTOP
Sarah Whitman, Program Reporter - Teen Court
Sheriff Matz, Program Reporter - 24/7 Alcohol
Morgan Hoffman, Program Reporter - Drug Monitoring Program
Officer Vang, Program Reporter - Step Up