Environmental Health

Environmental health deals with the protection and promotion of a healthy environment by preventing, assessing, correcting, and controlling agents in the environment, which could potentially have adverse affects on the health and well-being of individuals and communities of Winnebago County. Wisconsin Statute 254

Environmental Health (EH) includes inspections, consultations, and education to prevent and minimize the harmful environmental exposures from air, water, housing, places of work, toxic materials, vector control, nuisances, and human health hazards.  EH staff also respond to environmental complaints, including housing, solid waste and trash, junk vehicles, indoor and outdoor air quality, mold, animal concerns, vector, pests issues, and hazardous materials.

Divisions of this program area include:

Check out Winnebago County's Environmental Health Profile, 2017

If you would like an environmental specialist to investigate a health concern (cleanliness, safety, etc.) use this environmental health concern form.