The Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) administrative staff provides leadership, programmatic oversight, support staffing, and financial supervision to the department as a whole.

Doug Gieryn, Director/Health Officer is responsible for health enforcement, policies, community partnerships, funding and planning, as well  as workforce development. The director also acts as a liason between the health department, Board of Health and County Board officials.

The administrative specialists and support team are responsible for clerical support, communications, finance management, health assessment, data management, policy and equity support, community relations, strategic planning, preparedness, fund seeking and workforce development.


Administrative Specialists:


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The 2012-2015 Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) strategic plan was primarily focused on consolidating Winnebago County Health Department with City of Oshkosh and City of Neenah Health Departments. The consolidation of these departments provided an opportunity to align staff and programs under a comprehensive strategic plan to improve services and deliver population based health programs. 
The 2012 consolidation agreement included a three year lease of Neenah City Hall that allowed time for the selection and transition of services to a single location that would provide both WIC and public health services. By 2015 the decision was made to expand current office space at the Neenah Human Service Building. This option would be the lowest cost and provide ease of access to other county services. 
Department Re-Organization 
Efficiencies gained as a result of consolidation provided opportunities to re-organize staffing and expand services. A new communicable disease unit was established to focus fewer staff with greater expertise on communicable diseases, immunizations, and refugee health. A new supervisor role for chronic disease prevention was hired in March 2016. 

Additional staff hired in 2016 included a communications specialist to focus on WCHD’s branding and outreach efforts, a public health planner to focus on accreditation readiness, strategic planning, and community health improvement plans, and a full time preparedness position that works with the community on health impacts of a natural or biological disaster.