Substance Use

Substance use is consistently identified as a top health issue in Wisconsin as a whole and Winnebago County specifically. Currently, areas of specific local concern include, but are not limited to, opiate use, the drinking culture, and youth tobacco use. WCHD supports efforts that work on preventing use, reducing harm from use, and increasing access to treatment.

Winnebago County Drug and Alcohol Coalition (WCDAC)

The Winnebago County Drug and Alcohol Coalition, with backbone support from WCHD, has been formed to address substance use and misuse. Currently the action teams are focused on treatment/recovery, prevention/awareness, data collection, and communication. Using this new approach offers the opportunity for more involvement from the community and the ability to continue the vital work the original Task Force set out to accomplish.


Winnebago County Overdose Fatality Review Team

Winnebago County was one of six counties selected to receiving funding, training, and support to develop a drug overdose fatality review program. The program consists of a county-wide partnership across sectors that leverages inter-agency data sharing and practitioner expertise to review fatal drug overdoses. The program seeks to identify strategies for prevention and intervention that address the problem of drug use and overdose in Winnebago County.


Lifepoint is a needle exchange program aimed at reducing the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C and other potential harms associated with injection drug use. WCHD is a satellite location for ARCW's Lifepoint program.

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