CHEERS! Responsible Beverage Service Training

CHEERS! is a free workshop for anyone serving alcohol in any capacity facilitated by local police officers to increase the safe sale and service of alcohol. Attendees learn everything from how to spot fake IDs to rights related to serving intoxicated individuals. 

FREE training presented by your local police officers! Great chance to meet your local police officers in a casual setting and ask them anything about compliance checks, local statutes, WI state law!

This workshop will increase the safe alcohol service for:
  • Tavern Owners
  • Bartenders
  • Wait Staff
  • Door Security
  • Store Clerks
  • Special Event Organizers
  • Volunteers

Topics Covered in CHEERS! Classes:
  • Protocol for reporting fake ID's
  • Spotting fake ID's
  • Your establishment's liabilities, responsibilities, and policies
  • Understanding alcohol compliance checks
  • Review of local statutes and WI's state laws
  • Your rights regarding sales and service to intoxicated individuals

Easy Registration

Call the Winnebago County Health Department at (920) 232-3000 or e-mail us!

Alcohol Compliance Checks

Winnebago County alcohol compliance checks are routinely conducted by Law Enforcement officers in partnership with re:TH!NK and its youth volunteers. Thanks to this effort, along with the Responsible Beverage Service Training, an increase in overall compliance has been seen.

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