In Wisconsin, bats are born in June and start learning to fly in late July and August. Bats are vital for our ecosystem, but be mindful of diseases that bats might carry. Most notable is rabies: a preventable viral disease that can infect the brain and nervous system. This is a good time of year to review bat safety tips and share them with your family.

  • Do not touch a bat - always wear gloves and use equipment like tongs
  • Leave bats alone, if possible - if a bat enters a home, block off adjoining rooms and leave a door or window to the outdoors open
  • "Bat"ter safe than sorry - if you are unsure whether a bat has come in contact with a human or pet, capture the bat and call the health department to discuss whether the bat needs to be tested for rabies

  • Collecting a bat for testing - do not damage the neck (nervous system) of the bat, place the bat in a hard plastic container for shipping
  • Contact the health department - for further instructions about rabies testing and to determine if you have had a bat exposure