COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Providers


CLICK HERE for updates from WCHD for Healthcare Providers, First Responders & Long-Term Care Facilities


PPE supplies are currently very limited. PPE needs can be reported to the Winnebago County Emergency Management Office at: 920-236-7463 or 920-236-7464 or email or


Interim Guidance for Risk Assessment & Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure to COVID-19 (Source: CDC)


CDC Guidance for Dental Settings


WI DHS Donning & Doffing PPE Properly Video


Priorities for Testing Patients with Suspected COVID-19 (Source: CDC)


CDC Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N-95 Respirators


CDC Decontamination of and Resuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators


COVID-19: FAQs on Health Privacy


DHS Updated Recommendations for COVID-19 Specimen Collection


Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons with COVID-19 (UPDATED 3/24/20)


Interim Infection Prevention & Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings (3/24/20)


Tips for Disaster Responders - Understanding Compassion Fatigue


COVID-19 Health Alert #2: Recommendations for Active Symptom Monitoring for Employees in Health Care Settings where Community Transmission of COVID-19 is Occurring


Strategies for Optimizing the Supple of PPE


Information for Dental Health Care Professionals: What You Need to Know about COVID-19 (3/20/20)


Important Guidance for Infection Prevention & Control of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities (REVISED 3/20/20)


CDC Interim Guidance Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19


Urgent Update - Prioritization of COVID-19 Testing for Hospitalized Patients. The WI State Lab of Hygiene and City of Milwaukee Health Dept can no Longer Process Low Priority Tests in a Timely Manner (3/17/20)


DHS recommendations for prevention of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities. These recommendations apply to facilities caring for patients who are elderly and/or have chronic medical conditions placing them at high risk of severe complications of COVID-19. (3/13/20)


Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission


Steps to Prepare 


Interim Guidance


Don and Doff PPE


Respirator Seal Check


Infection Control




PPE Supply


FAQs for Healthcare Providers 

Do healthcare providers need a PUI number to move forward with testing? 

  • No


Do healthcare systems need to contact their local health department when testing a patient? 

  • Yes, healthcare systems who are testing are required to contact the health department.