Domestic Partnership Information

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Age:  Any person who has attained the age of 18 and is competent to enter into a legal contract may apply for a Declaration of Domestic Partnership.
Residency:  Application must be made in the county in which one or both parties have resided for at least 30 days.  The applicants must share a common residence.
Application:  Applicatns must be of the same sex.  Both parties must apply in person.  If parties come in on different days, the waiting period begins after the second person has applied.  The Declaration will be issued 5 days after that date.
Fee:  The application fee of $95.00 is payable at the time of application by cash or check.
If the couple is unable to apply within the required time due to extenuating circumstances, the County Clerk may waive the waiting period.  A form requesting that the waiting period be waived must be completed and an additional fee of $10.00 will be charged.  All fees are non refundable.
Proof of Age:  Both parties are required to present a certified copy of their birth certificate which has a raised seal on it from the state or county where you were born.  (Hospital birth certificates and state notifications of birth registrations are not acceptable).
Photo ID and Proof of Residency:  Both parties must present photo identification (Current valid driver's license, alien card, school ID, etc.) and documentation showing a current address for proof of residency (driver's license, rent receipt, checking account, utility bill, etc.)
Social Security Numbers:  Both parties must provide their social security number.  It is not necessary for you to bring the actual card.
Proof of how Last Domestic Partnership or Marriage Ended:  If either applicant has been in a prior legal domestic partnership or was previously married, they must provide a copy of the appropriate termination document.
If a prior legal domestic partnership was terminated, the termination must have been filed with the Register of Deeds office at least 90 days prior to the new application.
Foreign Language:  Documents in another language must have a certified translation.  The person translating the document can not be related to either party.  Persons who do not speak and/or understand English must bring an independent interpreter not related to either party when applying.
The regulations contained in this pamphlet are governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.  The regulations are the same statewide.  The cost of a Domestic Partnership and Waiver Fee may vary from County to County.
Declaration of Domestic Partnership
The Declaration of Domestic Partnership is issued on the 5th business day after the application was taken.  One of the applicants or their designee can pick up the Declaration any time on of after the date of issue.
Completing the Declaration in the Clerk's Office
Couples may sign and complete their Declaration in the Clerk's Office.  There is no fee for this service.  The Domestic Partnership must then be filed at the Register of Deeds Office.
Completing the Declaration outside of the Clerk's Office
The Declaration can be signed and completed in front of any Notary Public.  There is no time limit for the completion of the Declaration.  The Domestic Partnership must then be filed at the Register of Deeds Office.
Filing the Declaration
Once completed, the Declaration must be filed in the Register of Deeds Office.  The Domestic Partnership does not go into effect until the date the Declaration is accepted and filed at the Register of Deeds Office.
There is no fee to file the Declaration with the Register of Deeds; however, there is a fee to obtain a Certified Copy of the Declaration.

Information regarding Certified Copies will be provided with your Declaration.



How to obtain Birth/Death Certificates:
If the birth/death occurred in Winnebago County contact:
Register of Deeds
415 Jackson Street, Room 170
Oshkosh, WI  54901
Telephone:  920-236-4882
If the event occurred elsewhere in the State of Wisconsin, contact the Register of Deeds in that county or go to:
If the birth/death occurred in another State go to:
How to obtain a Termination Certificate:
See How to obtain a Birth/Death Certificate above.
How to obtain Divorce judgments:
Copies of final Divorce judgments are available from the county where the event occurred.  To obtain a divorce judgment from Winnebago County please contact:
Family Court Commissioner
415 Jackson Street, Room 220
Oshkosh, WI  54901
Telephone:  920-236-4791
If the divorce occurred elsewhere in the State of Wisconsin, contact the Clerk of Courts in that county or go to:
If the divorce occurred in another State go to:

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