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Who do we assist?

The Aging and Disability Resource Center assists older persons, persons with disabilities of all ages, family members and caregivers, persons who would benefit from options counseling, and  professionals in the fields of healthcare, education, social services and advocacy.

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Why would you contact us?

Aging and Disability Resource Centers, or ADRCs, offer the general public a single entry point for information and assistance on issues affecting older people, and people with disabilities regardless of their income. These resource centers are welcoming and convenient places for you and your family to get information and access to a wide variety of services.

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What services do we provide?

  • Information and Assistance
  • Long Term Care Options Counseling
  • Protective Services
  • Access to Long Term Care Programs
  • Prevention/Early Intervention
  • Benefits Counseling

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What is Information and Assistance?

Information and assistance specialists in the ADRC provide you with information about services, resources, and programs in areas such as disability and long-term care, living arrangements, health and wellness, adult protective services, employment and training for people with disabilities, home maintenance, nutrition and publicly funded programs. ADRC specialists can help to connect you with services and can help you apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), FoodShare, and Medicaid as needed. You can call the resource center about a wide variety of topics from home care to hospice services, from legal issues to Alzheimer’s care, from job help to education.

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What is Long Term Care Options Counseling?

More information found on the Options Counseling page.

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What is Benefits Counseling?

More information found on the Benefits Counseling page.

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What is Enrollment Counseling?

More information found on the Enrollment Counseling page.

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What if I have an emergency related to my long term care needs or services?

If you call the ADRC with a health related emergency, the resource center is there to help connect you with someone who will respond to your urgent situation. For example, if someone experienced a sudden loss of a caregiver, they may need emergency help to keep them safe. The ADRC can help connect you with resources immediately.

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Can I learn about ways to maintain my health and wellness from an ADRC?

The ADRC promotes effective prevention to keep you healthy and independent. In collaboration with public and private health and social service partners in the community, the ADRC offers both information and intervention activities that focus on reducing the risk of disability. For example, the ADRC can talk to you about strategies to make sure you are taking all of your medications when you need to, or ways to improve your nutrition. ADRC staff can help you think about home safety to prevent falls, or consider appropriate fitness programs for older people or people with disabilities.

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Can I enroll in a publicly funded long term care program through the ADRC?

Yes. In fact, ADRCs are the “entry-way” to publicly funded long-term care programs. The resource center would first help assess your level of need for services and make sure that you are eligible. The ADRC provides information about all the options available to you and will help you select the best option. If you are eligible and choose to enroll in a long-term care program, the ADRC will help you take your next steps.

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8:00am - 4:30pm, M - F

Appointments outside of regular business hours can be made upon request.

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