Complaint Information

If you wish to make a complaint, please print the complaint form, complete the form and mail it to the address indicated on the form.  Please bear in mind that all documents received in this office are considered open records and available upon request to anyone requesting the record.

Anonymous complaints are not processed.  In certain circumstances we can keep a complainants name confidential, however, we need a name and phone number for verification purposes.  We may also need to view the complaint from the complainants’ property if the complaint matter cannot be easily seen from the road.


Following receipt of the complaint form, it will be assigned to the appropriate staff person for appropriate action.  Appropriate action normally means compliance with the ordinance in the following manner:

(a)       The staff member will view the property to verify the complaint. 

(b)       A violation letter will then be sent to the property owner and they will normally be given two weeks to contact the zoning office.

(c)        If the owner does not respond a citation will be issued.  If the owner responds no citation is issued, but compliance will be required.  Staff can use their discretion as to timing of compliance, particularly if weather is an issue, however we do attempt to resolve issues as soon as reasonably possible.

(d)       Staff will view the property again following compliance to insure that the matter has been corrected properly.

(e)       If it is necessary to go to court to correct the violation it may take some time for the violation to get resolved.  In a worst case situation it could take as long as three years.  This is because of “due process” not inefficiency on anyone’s part.

There are some instances where an alleged violation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant.  Some of the reasons for this are:  inability to prove that something happened, i.e., a lack of tangible evidence; the matter was not illegal at the time it happened; it is of such a minor nature that prosecution is not possible, etc..  We will make every effort to resolve issues, but some, as noted go unresolved.

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