Residential & K-12 Electronic & Bulb Recycling

Bulb, Computer, and Electronics Recycling

Do you have an old fluorescent bulb, computer, printer, TV or other electronic item?

Winnebago County accepts these items at the Landfill Convenience Drop-off Area, located behind the Landfill Scale Office, 100 W. County Road Y, Oshkosh.  Hours of Operation are 7 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - Noon, Saturday.  Special Holiday Hours may be in effect.  Check the schedule at the main landfill page for more information.


  • $15.00 for TVs less than 32" (measured diagonally)
  • $20.00 for TVs 32" or greater (measured diagonally)
  • $5.00 for a monitor, laptop, CPU, printer, photocopier, VCR, DVD player
  • $0.25 each for fluorescent (4 feet or less) or incandescent bulbs (limit 50 bulbs)
  • $0.50 each for fluorescent (greater than 4 feet), metal halide, sodium vapor, etc. (limit 50 bulbs)
  • $0.00 for keyboards, mice, speakers, cords, cell phones

Note: Limit 4 electronic items per person. Residential and K-12 customers only.



Other E-Waste Recyclers

Please contact these collectors for their information

Best Buy -
Best Buy -
Goodwill - Neenahwww.goodwillncw.org920-558-4507
Goodwill - 920-731-6605
Goodwill - Oshkoshwww.goodwillncw.org920-233-3897
Milwaukee PC - 920-233-4706
Staples -
Paper Valley Recycling Centerwww.wm.com888-960-0008
Pilgrim Recyclingwww.pilgrimrecycling.com920-766-7000
Recycle That Stuffwww.recyclethatstuff.com920-955-3760
Suess Electronicswww.suesselectronics.com920-733-6464


For a complete list of all E-Waste Collectors please visit the Wisconsin DNR E-cycle Database.


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Solid Waste Department

100 W. County Road Y
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Oshkosh:(920) 232-1800
Neenah:(920) 727-2884
Fax:(920) 424-1189

Solid Waste / Recycling Transfer Station

Oshkosh:(920) 232-1850
Neenah:(920) 727-2896