Family Team

The Family Case Managers assist families and able-bodied single adults in finding and retaining employment and determine eligibility for work supports, such as Child Care Assistance, Medicaid/Badger Care Plus, and Food Share.


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BadgerCare Plus

The BadgerCare program is part of the Medicaid program and has higher income limits to help provide health insurance coverage for eligible low-income families.

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ChildCare Assistance

Also known as Wisconsin Shares, this program provides a subsidy to eligible low-income parents to help them pay for approved ChildCare expenses.

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Energy Assistance

The HomePlus program, also known as WHEAP, provides a subsidy to eligible low-income families and individuals to help them pay for home heating expenses.

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Food Stamps/SNAP

The State has asked to note that “FoodShare Wisconsin” was formerly known as “FoodStamps”. This name change was made to put greater emphasis on the value of benefits for better nutrition and good health, reflect the fact that these benefits are no longer in the form of “stamps”, and to reduce the stigma associated with the program for both clients and the general public. The USDA currently refers to this as SNAP -Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

FoodShare Wisconsin

The FoodShare program provides health and nutrition information, and a debit card benefit to supplement the food purchases of eligible low-income individuals and families.

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Fraud Referral and Liaison

Referrals for investigation of suspected fraud or abuse of Food Stamp, Medicaid, or Child Care Assistance.

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Medicaid Programs

Family-related Medicaid programs, also known as MA, Medical Assistance, T-19, Title 19, BadgerCare, or Healthy Start, provide health insurance coverage for eligible low-income children, families, and pregnant women.


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