Considerations for Child's Replacement Back into the Foster Home

When a child has been removed from a foster home following an allegation of maltreatment, at the completion of the investigation, a decision will have to be made as to whether or not the child will return to placement in the foster home.

If the report is substantiated, all children will be removed and no new children will be placed in that home. The Department will make a determination if the license of the foster home will be revoke. In addition, care for natural children will be investigated.

An unsubstantiated report will require a decision to be made if continuing the placement of the child in the foster home is in the best interest of the child. In addition, an assessment will need to be made if the foster family, the child, the child's biological family and the Department can continue to work together to implement the case plan for the child. In the event that the foster parents do not wish to continue to provide care to the child, the foster parent's 30-day notice for requesting the child's removal.

In short, the best interests of the child will be the prevailing factor in placing the child back in the foster home. When the parties involved in the decision making for the child are not in agreement as to what is in the child's best interest, a court hearing may be convened to determine where the child should be placed.