Comprehensive Community Services

The Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program is designed to work with people of all age groups who have been disabled by a behavioral health disorder and who need ongoing, services to help them manage and recover from that disabling condition.  To be eligible for CCS services, a person must have persistent psychiatric, emotional, or substance use problems that need ongoing treatment. They must also show significant difficulty managing aspects of their everyday life because of this disabling condition and be interested in participating actively in their recovery of that illness. In these cases the services provided by the department’s outpatient therapy unit, because of their time limitations,  would not be enough. Likewise,  because of the person’s relative stability and willingness to work at over-coming their problems, the more intensive services of the department (e.g. Community Support Programs) would be too much.

Feel free to call our Oshkosh or Neenah offices to ask about enrollment consideration.