Injury Prevention

Offer a variety of programs to assist clients in preventing injuries

Fall Prevention

Facts about Falls

Safe Sleep

First Candle

Safe Sleep Environment Handout(Spanish)

Home Safety

A home safety visit involves completion of a home assessment checklist, identification of risk factors, and a resource packet explaining the ways to protect children at home. This service is available for parents with children between 0 and 3 years of age. For more information or to make an appointment email us at 

For further information on home safety, please visit these websites:

Car Seats

Instructions and demonstration on the proper installation of car seats is provided free of charge by the WCHD to promote the safety of children in automobiles. For more information on car seats, please call us or visit these websites.

*These websites offer only general recommendations. Always follow the user's manual that came with the car seat. *


Links to Other Resources