Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD Stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Common STDs


Anyone who is SEXUALLY ACTIVE should be tested once a year.   (This includes vaginal, oral, and/or anal sex.)


Don’t have any symptoms? Most people do NOT, which is why getting tested is important to prevent permanent damage.

  • You may still have an STD even though you feel fine.

  • Some STDs are easily treated and cured so early detection is key.

STD Testing Locations

HIV/AIDS Testing Locations

Pregnancy Testing


Telling Your Partner

It is your responsibility to stop the spread of STDs after your diagnosis; tell your partner(s) they might be infected too.

  1. Tell them yourself (over the phone, text message, in person, etc)
  2. Seek help from your medical provider
  3. Send an anonymous email (

Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Abstain from all sexual encounters
  • You and your partner should be tested before engaging in sexual activity
  • Use a condom every time! Steps to using a condom

Free Condoms

Other Resources

Text safersex to 69866 and wait for response then text your question.



Don't think you are healthy...KNOW!

Accidents Happen - GET TESTED!