Inland Water Sampling

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Most Recent Date Sampled Most Recent E. coli Results Location Name
2015-07-15 125.1 Asylum Point Park and Boat Landing
2015-07-15 191.8 Black Wolf Boat Landing
2015-07-15 49.5 Boom Bay Boat Landing
2015-07-15 12.1 Fresh Air Park
2015-07-15 19.9 Fritse Park
2015-07-15 579.4 Grundman Park Boat Landing
2015-07-15 59.1 Lake Butte des Morts Boat Landing
2015-07-15 48.7 Lake Poygan Boat Landing
2015-07-15 3 Menominee Park
2015-07-15 98.8 Village of Butte des Morts Boat Landing
2015-07-15 17.1 Village of Winneconne Park Swim Area
2013-08-14 4.1 Winnebago County Community Park Swim Area
WARNING E. coli results greater than or equal to 235 poses an increased risk of swimmer-related illness.
The US EPA has established an advisory level of 235 cfu/100 ml (cfu = colony forming units) for E. coli. Samples are taken on a weekly basis at all sample locations, except Menominee Park, which is sampled twice per week. Results are a snapshot of the E. coli values at the time of sampling. Conditions change daily. As a result, the bacteria count taken on a given day may not necessarily reflect the condition on subsequent days or even later that same day.