Winnebago County Health Department:

Winnebago County Health nurses and department heads have been instrumental in the evolution of past temporary take backs into a permanent drug drop box. While temporary take-backs may continually be offered in our area, this permanent box answers the request citizens have made for an easy access disposal site available at all times.  WCHD will be the lead contact for this program and coordinate emptying and maintenance of the box coordinating police and pharmacists as needed.

THINK Logore:TH!NK Winnebago’s Healthy Living Partnership:

This prevention coalition housed in the Winnebago County Health Department serves to promote public awareness to target groups impacted by prescription drugs. The coalition uses various multi-media venues (OCAT TV, pamphlets creation/dissemination, coalition meetings, press conference), organize county-wide trainings promoting use of the permanent drug drop box and delivery prevention lessons to teens, older adults and parents.

Oshkosh Police Department:   

This local police agency has stepped up to provide a publicly-accessible location inside the Oshkosh Safety Building where citizens can safely and anonymously drop unwanted and expired medications. They will monitor the box and assist in emptying its contents. OPD  knows that taking care of the “little things” like disposal of  outdated meds, will help to prevent the more serious crimes from occurring in our neighborhoods, schools, businesses and community.

Winnebago County Solid Waste:

Development of the drug drop box simply would not be possible without the support of Solid Waste. They make arrangements for the complex task of bulk disposal and collaborate with WCHD to create fundraising activities that sustain program costs. This fits in with their goal of making waste removal cost effective fro Winnebago County customers.

Morton’s Pharmacy:

Morton’s is driven to serve their customers and greater community. By partnering on this community project they will be relied on for the  ongoing sorting and processing of collected materials.

Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG) Drug Unit:

The MEG Unit is a multi-agency task force supervised by a Special Agent from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, who specializes in narcotics enforcement. MEG investigators target individuals who are supplying illegal drugs in Winnebago, Outagamie, Fond du Lac, and Calumet Counties, and often work undercover to accomplish their mission. The MEG will lend its expertise to the success of the drug drop box.