Juvenile Offenses

Stephanie Stauber, Assistant District Attorney


  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Wisconsin 1990
  • Juris Doctor from University of Wisconsin 1993


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  • Handles any case that deals with a child offender between the ages of 10 and 16.


Types of Cases

  • Runaways (specific to juveniles)
  • Truancies (specific to juveniles)
  • Disorderly  Conduct
  • Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds


Groups Attorney Belongs to or Works With

  • Juvenile Intake Office
  • Serious Habitual Offender Community Action Plan (SHOCAP)
  • Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program


Links Related to Specialized Area

  • Juvenile Intake - Juvenile Intake is responsible for receiving and screening all police department referrals regarding law violations, school truancy referrals and Department of Human Services referrals concerning abuse/neglect, to determine if diversion vs. petitioning to court is appropriate.

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District Attorney's Office

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Oshkosh:(920) 236-4977
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