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2014 Conservation Field Day

Conservation Field Day in Winnebago County is an information and education event that began in 1979 and has been a strong program ever since.  Children learn about forestry, wildlife, soils, and water quality through the set-up of four different learning stations.  Several agencies participate in the event including Winnebago County Land & Water Conservation, NRCS, and DNR.

Recyclex Shoreliner Log

Recyclex is a turf reinforcement mat made from 100% recycled post-consumer goods "green soda bottles". There are 20 green soda bottles in every pound of Recyclex turf reinforcement mats. A portion of the Recyclex mat was left unrolled to create a "log".

Gabion Baskets

´╗┐Gabion baskets are wire mesh structures filled with rock and soil. Coconut fiber was used to line the baskets to keep the soil in and to provide a medium for plants to grow. In one section, dogwood shrubs were planted between two rows of overlapping baskets. In the other section, a gabion "mattress" was installed and planted with several different species of plants. Once the plants become more mature, this type of shoreline protection should provide more habitat than traditional riprap.´╗┐

Shore Sox

ShoreSox is a modular containment system, designed to utilize LOCALLY grown agricultural byproduct.  ShoreSox is a fully degradable shoreline restoration product that promotes natural aquatic growth and vegetative root development providing natural erosion control. The demonstration site is located at the 24th Street boat landing in the City of Oshkosh and was installed in July of 2005.

Turf Reinforcement Mat

The Turf Reinforcement mat or "TRM" utilizes fabrics to protect the soil.   Vegetation is planted into the fabric to further stabilize the soil and to provide habitat.  A rock toe was placed at the water line to protect the front edge while the vegetation becomes established.

Deltalok Bags and Ajax

Deltalok bags are made of fabric and filled with soil.  They were stacked on the shore to provide protection from erosion.  Several species of plants were added to provide some habitat.

Ajax are interlocking blocks made of concrete.  They were used at the base of a 20 foot section with Deltalok bags stacked on top. 


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